My name is Alexis Hinkley-Maier, I am currently in my last semester of college and will very soon officially hold a BFA in graphic design and proficiencies in Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, HTML5, CSS, WordPress and a range of other design, video, web, 3D, and multimedia software. I am a graphic designer, creative thinker, and crazy dog mom known for my bold, crafted, aesthetic and functional design.

Over the years, my interests have grown beyond my foundations in graphic design into web design, 3D design, and even some photography and motion graphics. In fact, I get so worked up about all the cool things I have yet to create that sometimes I just watch Netflix or nap instead.

I view design not as “work” but as a great passion of mine. In my free time you will often find me creating cool new illustration and hobby pieces!

Important Fact:

I can run a 5k and am certified to operate numerous rollercoasters, both of which will definitley come in handy in the near future.

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